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    SWOT analysis for QMC

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    Need guidance for developing a SWOT analysis for the following scenario:
    As marketing manager for Quality Mini Computers (QMC), I need to develop a preliminary SWOT analysis for QMC. With the implosion of technological advancements, our mini-computer that is the size of a stereo or a 5x7 photo frame is growing. QMC's owners are ready to expand this product in the marketplace. The SWOT analysis is needed because this is a new target market with a smaller computer and we want to be certain we are including our current customers. We need to be sure to consider who is selling smaller, convenient computers as well.

    -Need to create a table which will have a one or two word summary of the S, W, O and T
    -Need to follow with expanded analysis in a bullet point format
    -Need to highlight the most important S, W, O and T so the management team can focus on the most important aspects of the current state of affairs

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    SWOT for quality mini computers:
    Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
    Light Battery Life Businesses short of space. Competition from laptops
    Handy Hard to Adjust. Students. Mini computers from large corporations.
    100% performance of a PC Replacement parts not easy to get. Export to emerging economies Lack of compatibility with existing platforms.
    Fits easily into a briefcase. Only QMC personnel can repair it. Attractive revenues from servicing. Competition from foreign low cost manufacturers.

    ? The quality mini computers are light and so are easy to handle.
    ? These can be stored easily and can be carried easily during travel;
    ? The performance is comparable with that of a normal personal computer.
    ? The quality ...

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