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    Ad Campaign BBA Degree

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    Create an ad campaign for BBA degree. Include your ideas for:

    * Advertising (Where will you advertise and what will your message be?)
    * Public Relations
    * Interactive Marketing (How will you use the internet, social networking sites, mobile ads, contests, etc.?)

    Please to provide reference and citation in APA style

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    //Before writing about the advertising and its messages, it is essential to know about the selected place or organization. One should know about the target market, which further will assist in developing a promising add campaign for the given organization//


    The University taken in this paper is an online university, which has campuses located in various parts of the world. The Online campus of the university is situated in Chicago. The university offers various programs for Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees through campus as well as online mode. To design an ad campaign, firstly a research has to be conducted and the target market has to be studied.

    This course of the University I.e. Online BBA is focusing on the target market of international as well as domestic students, who want to hone their skills in the business arena. The target market constitutes of people undergoing a graduate course. This group encompasses students in the age group of around 19-25 years. Keeping all this factors in ...

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