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    Creating an Ad Campaign for a Bachelor Degree Program

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    Create an ad campaign for an online university's bachelor's degree program.

    Include ideas for the following:

    Advertising: Where will you advertise, and what will your message be?

    Public relations

    Interactive marketing: How will you use the Internet, social networking sites, and mobile ads?

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    Advertising: Where will you advertise, and what will your message be?

    As my target market is mostly web users that cannot afford regular education, my major channel for marketing will be the internet. I will use various web marketing and SEO techniques to popularize my university's portal. I can use various techniques like:

    1) Social Media Marketing- I can make use of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites like YouTube to popularize my company's brand and to spread awareness about our courses and programs.

    2) Banner Advertisements on education/academic ...

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