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    This addresses an ad campagin for an online degree program.

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    Create an ad campaign for an online university's bachelor's degree program. Include your ideas for the following:

    Advertising: Where will you advertise, and what will your message be?
    Public relations
    Interactive marketing: How will you use the Internet, social networking sites, and mobile ads (3 paragraphs total for the post)?

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    I would base the entire campaign on a slogan that reinforces how it is possible to obtain a bachelor's degree at anytime, from anywhere, regardless of age. There would be an emphasis on the expanded offerings that the university has for degrees in the bachelor's degree program, and that the programs are offered using updated technology. This would turn into a major selling point for the program, because of how advanced technology has become in regards to e-learning, allowing students to have a completely interactive experience with peers and their professors.

    Specific points to address for advertising include advertising where the highest percentage of the target market is likely to frequent. We have basically two target markets - those of college age, and those beyond college age. One of the advantages that needs to be addressed is that due to online learning, more people are taking advantage of opportunities to start or complete their college degrees, and because people don't have to travel to campus for many colleges, this has encouraged people that are older than the typical college age student to pursue their degrees. For advertising, we would therefore need to ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion creating an ad campaign for an online university's bachelor's degree program and includes where to advertise, what the message will be, and how the internet and mobile ads will be used.