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AD Campaign

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Create an ad campaign for AIU Online's BBA degree. Include your ideas for:

Advertising (Where will you advertise and what will your message be?)
Public Relations
Interactive Marketing (How will you use the internet, social networking sites, mobile ads, contests, etc.?)

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Advertising (Where will you advertise and what will your message be?)
The advertisement campaign will be on three levels. First, there will be a campaign on the internet. This campaign will be in the form of banners and search engine advertisements. The copy of these advertisements will offer online business administration degree that willl enable you with various skills need for succeeding in business. Second, there will be a campaign in schools and colleges where aspiring students who are not able to enroll themselves in day time/ or full time business programs will get the option of completing their business administration education and equip them with the skills necessary. On the third level, the advertisements will be in local newspapers where online BBA degree of AIU will be advertised.
The message will be ...

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