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Ad campaign for snobs

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Pool out the campaign by inventing new one-liners that convey the same elitist attitude, that communicates luxury, and isolates the target to those who have
ample discretionary income.

Turn in at least three headlines (more is even better).

You may simulate the ad itself, or simply computer generate the lines on a clean sheet of paper.

For example, a pool out of the campaign might be:

We're not elitists.
Oh, wait!
Yes, we are!

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It would have helped to have had the ad campaign to view, but I understand what the assignment is looking for. The ad campaign is focused upon people of the "upper crust," who consider themselves to be above the common people (like you and me!) They are snobs, which explains the assignment's title. The subject of the advertisement campaign is a brand of luggage designed for the very wealthy, who believe they are worthy of the very best, and are willing to pay exorbitant prices to have the cachet associasted with this expensive brand of luggage.

This assignment is an exercise in understanding your audience. This is a tactic that writers of all sorts (not ...

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Advertising campaign targeted for elitist customers, explanations and examples are provided.

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