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    Pretesting advertising

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    Advertising creatives have long lamented ad pretesting. They believe that it inhibits their creative process and results in sameness in commercials. Marketers, on the other hand, believe that ad pretesting provides necessary checks and balances as to whether an ad campaign is being developed in a way that will connect with consumers and be well-received in the marketplace.

    Take a position on the issue by supporting one of the following statements:
    - Ad pretesting in often an unnecessary waste of marketing dollars.
    - Ad pretesting provides an important diagnostic function for marketers as to the likely success of an ad campaign

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    Pretesting can have many reasons for not providing the appropriate insight into how well a campaign will play out in the public. Pretests do not often simulate the reality in which an ad will play. People want to help, but often they are unable to articulate or even understand how ads affect them, especially during a long term scenario. That said, pretesting can provide valuable feedback to the marketer. Pretesting can help to identify unknown target audiences, or help reformulate the actual market that is being targeted. For example, a car commercial featuring a celebrity can appeal to the target audience in a positive way, but the marketers may find ...

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