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Ad pretesting

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Pretest critics uphold that agencies can devise ads that test well, but may not necessarily execute well in the marketplace. Proponents of ad pretesting maintain that useful analytical information can materialize and that pretests should not be used as the sole assessment standard anyway. When viewing any type of advertisement what is it that prompts a response of "what were they talking about in that ad"? Do you discuss comical ads with colleagues but never purchase the product?

Consider the statements "Ad pretesting is often an unnecessary waste of marketing dollars" and "Ad pretesting provides an important diagnostic function for marketers as to the likely success of an ad campaign." Take a stand and justify one statement, supporting it with examples from sources.

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I will stand and justify the statement "Ad pretesting is often unnecessary wast of marketing dollars." Why did I choose this statement? Hiring a marketing firm to do pretesting, is costly and antiquated. This was ...

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The solution discusses the pre-testing of advertised products. While products pre-test well, the solution discussed how analytical information can properly assist in finding the right outlet for the product(s) and how focus groups play a role in the marketing.

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Pretesting advertising

Advertising creatives have long lamented ad pretesting. They believe that it inhibits their creative process and results in sameness in commercials. Marketers, on the other hand, believe that ad pretesting provides necessary checks and balances as to whether an ad campaign is being developed in a way that will connect with consumers and be well-received in the marketplace.

Take a position on the issue by supporting one of the following statements:
- Ad pretesting in often an unnecessary waste of marketing dollars.
- Ad pretesting provides an important diagnostic function for marketers as to the likely success of an ad campaign

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