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Difference in advertising, technology role, cultural differences

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1. What are the primary differences between advertising and publicity? How ethical is advertising that appears as publicity? What role does technology play in public relations?

2. How can cultural differences among audiences affect how public relations messages are interpreted and received? Why should an organization's logo be pretested prior to engaging in communication or marketing abroad?

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Advertising and Publicity

Advertising and publicity are very effective methods to promote the product or services and creates positive awareness for company and their products/services. But there are some differences between advertising and publicity. Advertising incurs some cost for the business, while there is no cost for the publicity to a business. Advertising is costly but it provides exact message to the customers that an organization wants in the comparison of publicity. Advertising is controlled by the company, but publicity is not under the control of an organization as it is controlled by media sources (Blanco, 2004). Advertising includes different sources such as direct marketing, personal selling, e-marketing, while publicity includes the coverage of the different activities or events of an organization by media.

Ethics of Advertising that Appears as Publicity

Sometimes, advertising appears as publicity as organization intentionally involves some aspects that are covered by media due to influence of advertising message over the society or an individual. In this situation, media should honest to publish and coverage of company events or programs and their advertising, so that proper massages to the customers could be conveyed. Publicity should not violate the human emotions, values and beliefs. Company should ...

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The differences in advertising and publicity is examined. Technology roles, and cultural differences are examined.

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