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    Global Advertising and Communications

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    What trade-offs do marketers have to make when deciding whether to standardize or localize their global advertising and communications? Please provide a good example to support your answer. (references and a minimum of 300 words)

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    The tradeoffs marketers have to make when deciding whether to standardize or localize their global advertising and communications include the following: 1) political, and economic factors; 2) cultural differences; 3) managing brands and packaging.

    1) Political, and Economic Factors
    Global marketers must know information regarding the political and economic environment and potential risks associated with doing business in another country. They must make determine the appropriate strategy for either a standardized or local advertising method of communication. For instance, the historical context of the strained relationship between Pakistan and India influences the current political environment. According to Khan and Amine (2004), the partition agreement in 1947, which the British gave independence to the region but left the region divided in two nations; Pakistan and India. A rivalry ensued between the two nations which resulted in fundamental differences in economic, cultural, and political opinions and continues to this day (Khan & Amine, 2004).

    2) Cultural Differences
    The expectations of customers are quite different depending on a variety of factors including; culture, age, race, gender, and nationality. All of these factors are important, but for multinational corporations, understanding the consumers' expectations involves comprehensive components of marketing research, which includes; ...

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    Global marketers have trade-offs they must consider when advertising and communicating to multinational corporations. Making decisions based on research will help marketers determine the best strategy for standardized or localized communications.