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Kaira Carter

Feb 2015
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  • DBA, Argosy University, 2015
  • MBA, University of Phoenix, 2011


  • Business

About Kaira Carter

I have a ten year career in higher education with particular experience in student advising, instruction, public speaking, international relations, research (qualitative and quantitative), marketing and student outreach, recruitment, and developing learning outcome for student success. In 2015, I completed a doctorate in business administration with a concentration in international business. My areas of expertise include global competence in e-business, marketing, and advertising. I've traveled abroad to Serbia and Brazil study international business and bilateral relations with the U.S. Finally, I have experience teaching undergraduate level courses in business and seek to broaden students' knowledge and experiences.

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Healthy Image Case Study Brand Positioning

case is attached

What are the image issues in this case?
What are the brand-name issues? Should the brand name be changed? lf so, to what?
What types of advertisements should Mary develop for St, Margaret's General HosPital?
What other types of actlvitles could St Margaret's pursue to bui READ MORE »

Business / Marketing / Market Research » 611078

Managing and Understand Global Business

Question 1. What differences would a manager have to be aware of if doing business in Africa, Australia, or South America?

Question 2. Describe positive and negative outcomes that can result from societal, political, and cultural differences when managing a corporation in North America, South Ame READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Leadership Skills » 612831

Value Process Framework

Develop a 150 to 200 word posting that responds to the following question: How might the value process frameworks help companies avoid faulty e-commerce strategies? What strategic insights might be gained from such models that may not be self-evident to business strategists within a given company? P READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Business Communication » 602309

Business Strategy

1. How can a corporation's life cycle be extended?

2. What is strategy implementation? What questions must strategy makers consider to begin the implementation process?

3. What is reengineering? What are the seven principles for reengineering proposed by Michael Hammer? Explain which principle READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis » 612237

Ethics and Global Business Standards of Codex

Analyzing the ethical frameworks needed in decision making, which ones best align to the eight ethical principles of the Global Business Standards of Codex.

Business / Business Philosophy and Ethics / Business Ethics » 602176
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