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    Healthy Image Case Study Brand Positioning

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    case is attached

    What are the image issues in this case?
    What are the brand-name issues? Should the brand name be changed? lf so, to what?
    What types of advertisements should Mary develop for St, Margaret's General HosPital?
    What other types of actlvitles could St Margaret's pursue to build a strong and positive corporate imag

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    1. What are the image issues in this case?

    The image issue expressed in this case is its lack of distinctiveness. The image is a representation of the brand equity, which is the added value of products or services. The value can be reflected in how consumers feel, think, and act with respect to the brand. According to the brand asset valuator (BAV), there are four distinct components of brand equity: differentiation, relevance, esteem, and knowledge. In this case, differentiation is lacking, which is the degree to which a brand is seen as different from others. As cited in the text, "the overlap in services provided made it difficult to differentiate St. Margaret's from other ...

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    Branding is a large part of successful marketing strategies. There are various elements to developing strong brand equity.