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    Guidelines and ideas for Memo On IMC of Coke Zero

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    IMC Strategy Overview Memo
    Company that is being use Coca Cola and the product is Coke Zero

    ? Complete the IMC Strategy Overview Memo. Include the following in the memo:

    o Provide an overview of your IMC strategy to build the company's brand.
    o Briefly describe the brand position and marketing challenge of the selected company.
    o Describe the target market or markets and any relevant segments within these target markets.
    o Analyze viable brand messages through market segmenting that align with your IMC objectives.
    o Briefly asses the strengths of the company that will be leveraged and the weaknesses of the company that will be protected by your IMC plan. How does the IMC link to the SWOT analysis?
    o Provide the objectives of your IMC plan.

    ? Explain how data and databases influence your IMC plan.
    ? Write a memo that addresses the specific criteria for this portion of the plan.

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    Please find guidelines and ideas for Memo On IMC of Coke Zero in the attached file.

    To: XYZ
    From: ABC
    Date: 30th September, 2010.
    Subject: IMC Strategy Overview for Coke Zero.
    Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy:
    IMC strategy includes different marketing mix and various IMC elements. It assists an organization in targeting its customers and as well as in building brand image among its customers. For establishing Coke Zero as a brand, the IMC strategy that will be selected will include direct marketing, publicity, public relation, advertising, sales promotion and personal selling (About Coke Zero, 2010). All these elements of Coke Zero's IMC strategy will help the company in strengthening its brand image among its customers and competitive market. In addition to these elements, pull strategy will also be used as a part of IMC for Coke Zero to build it as a brand. With the help of this strategy, communications tools will be used by the firm to target final customers and create consumer demand. It will help the firm to differentiate its brand among its target market. As well, this strategy will facilitate in increasing the awareness among target customers and establishing brand position in the minds of its customers (Advertising strategy of Coca-Cola Zero, 2010).
    Brand Position and Marketing Challenges:
    Coca-cola is a global brand that is recognized all over the world. This position of the company will assist in creating an effective brand positioning for its product Coke Zero. It can also be positioned on the basic requirements of its customers related with thrust and relaxing. The effective and efficient brand positioning of the Coke Zero will help the company in enhancing its sales and profit. In concern to the present competitive market, the product will also confront various market challenges like existing competitors and their products, economic and regulatory conditions of a specific market.
    The company has ...

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