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    Memo of a pet peeve

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    Please write a memo about one of your pet peeves using the guidelines from Cialdini, Conger, and/or Bowman. Also, please include why you memo was ethical, using ideas from Cialdini.

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    Step 1:
    Pet Peeve: When did coughing become a public weapon?

    When I was in school, I was taught that one should cough in one's handkerchief. Going out of the house without a hanky was frowned upon. Any person who was even threatened with a cough pulled out his hanky and kept it ready for the next cough. Sometimes we would come across a person who would make a fist and cough into it. The poor person must have forgotten his hanky. Those days are past.

    Now if someone is standing near you on the tube, in the bus, or train, they cough without even moving a finger. They cough in the air, they cough in closed spaces, and they cough at you. The droplets attack you; they can carry diseases, the cold, the flue, or even TB! Using public transport has decidedly become dangerous.

    "Why don't you face ...

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