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    Writing memos

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    Assignment 1: Writing Memos
    A new company claims it manufactures the best dog food in the market. It employs around 250 people worldwide. After six months in business, one of the company's brands is found to contain harmful bacteria. Overnight, reports start pouring in from all over the country about pets falling sick, some critically. The company wants to communicate with its stakeholders through a memo before major news channels start to cover the disease.

    Assume that you are an assistant to the company's chairman. Using the tips you learned this week, draft two memos for the chairman. One memo should address the board of directors and the other the company's employees. Make assumptions about whether the biscuits have bacteria or if there is another explanation for the pets' sickness.

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    This is an outline of each memo. You will want to add to each based on the lessons from your tips.

    Board of Directors:

    It has come to our attention that our pet food may be infected with a bacteria that is causing harm to pets in different areas where our products are sold. Through our dealers and distributors, we are getting information about the number of pets who have become ill and what type of symptoms these animals are experiencing. Every effort is being made to establish a connection to our food and if we are indeed the culprit of these illnesses.

    Our plants are also currently testing and trying to determine what ingredients may be infected and if they are, gathering information about the breadth of the problem and any solutions for this problem. We have asked the entire workforce in our plants to engage in ...

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