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    Conflict management style and pet peeves

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    This is what I need help with:
    Summarize the results of these tasks and conduct a self-analysis to determine whether you agree with the results. Post this summary and self-analysis to the discussion.

    Here are the questions:
    1-Complete the conflict resolution questionnaire http://academic.engr.arizona.edu/vjohnson/ConflictManagementQuestionnaire/ConflictManagementQuestionnaire.asp created by Dr. Johnson at the University of Arizona to determine your personal style. It is important for you to understand your personal conflict resolution style and be aware of it as you have difficult conversations.******MY RESULTS were collaborating, an owl******

    2-Next, review the "Let's Apply It" section in Chapter 2 called Embrace It and complete the checklist of things that may have crossed your mind when having a difficult work-related conversation. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ANSWERED BUT USED TO HELP ANSWER THE SUMMARY, THANK YOU

    Let's Apply It
    Describe the last time an employee did not perform up to your expectations. Apply the Pet Peeve Formula to your situation to determine whether the issue was a pet peeve or a legitimate concern by asking yourself:
    What exactly is the behavior that did not meet my expectations?
    How does the behavior affect the work environment, the organizational culture, others' work performance, or the employee's ability to meet job expectations?
    What behavior did I expect to see instead?

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    The teacher does not come in to work on time, often arriving at the exact time as the students or just before. He is not, therefore, prepared for his class. He does not have his computers on and ready, his lab monitor running, and leaves students in the class with nothing to do the first fifteen minutes. This allows them to gain some control over how they approach school for the day. Our required time to be at school is 7am. He arrives at about 7:15 each day. The students take much longer to settle down (this is youth incarceration facility) and takes away about 20 minutes of their first period. He also must raise his voice to gain control, which aggravates the children.
    The youth guards stationed in each class with the students then ...

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    An opportunity to learn conflict resolution style and how a legitimate concern differs from a pet peeve.