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Empowerment in bureaucratic structure; size of a team, inter

1. Will an introduction or addition of empowerment into a formerly bureaucratic organization actually result in a more bureaucratic structure than before?

2. Detail a factor that needs to be critically observed while defining the size of a team.

3. 'Would you mind awfully if I asked you to close the door?' Discuss the possible interpretations by the listener in terms of tone and intent.

4. Consider both active and passive styles of leadership. State with reasons the leadership style that you would like to adopt.

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1. Adding empowerment could bring out more "leaders" from those who were merely participants prior to the addition. This could result in more bureaucratic structure. However, the empowerment should offer more options as more persons on the team contribute to the solution or structure's mission. Strong leadership should help to bring the additionally empowered employees all under one idea.

2. Leadership controls lessen with the addition of more team members. Thus, the size of a team must meet what major leadership can direct or guide. If the team becomes too big for only one leader, the team should be divided into sub-levels with leadership at each of those levels as well, ending with the overall leader receiving reports back from all lower level leaders.

3. Ah, one of my pet peeves. When you ask, "Do you mind?" the ...

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Using empowerment to improve a team, tone and interpretation in leadership, and improving conveyance of intent.