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    Organizational Development and Managing Change

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    Evaluate the following issues:

    1. How much longer should you stay as primary consultant? You feel your effectiveness is waning because you have become too close to the group and have not addressed the connection of the board to the president. The team is becoming dependent on you.

    2. Which of the four change projects should the consulting group suggest helping the company design and develop? Which function can the company OD do better (as primary lead consultant) than an external group?

    3. Generate ideas about how you can move toward making the leadership team more independent. What would you have to see happen or what evidence would you look for to see that you can terminate your relationship with the team without any damage being done?

    4. Provide your thoughts about with which projects the consulting group should be involved. You know you could help with them all, but what is ethical? How much money and time can you, as consultants, lose or make based on this decision? What should drive the decision process?

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    1. The consultant's role is to guide the execution team in order to achieve the strategy of the organization. Thus this is an ongoing role and nevertheless it's a long term job. Thus I will recommend the term to be minimum of two years for proper execution of strategy.

    2. Four change projects will be:
    1) Improving the organization structure
    2) Improving the Performance appraisal
    3) Implementing Quality management
    4) Implementing online training system for employees

    OD can do better the functions which are more internal in nature. For example forecasting the requirements of human resources, determining the job profile, laying down the performance standards etc.

    3. Leadership team can be more independent by empowerment. Empowerment "involves sharing power with the subordinates and pushing ...

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