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Lean Production and Employee Empowerment

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Lean production relies heavily on the concept of employee empowerment. For example, Toyota Manufacturing is regarded as a leader in lean production.

What are some of the benefits of employee empowerment?
What are some of the disadvantages of employee empowerment?
In your opinion, is employee empowerment a fad or a useful tool? Why?
As a manager, what steps would you take to maximize the effectiveness of teams?

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The expert examines lean production and employee empowerment. The disadvantages of employee empowerment is determined.

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The success and failure of a leader is often found in their ability to empower peers and subordinates to accomplish their daily duties while maintaining a positive work culture. As the question states, many workplaces today possess a very wide mix of generational groups. Before we can review how a leader empowers his or her employees, we must first define empowerment. Though empowerment has many definitions and is often based on the perception of the person asking the question, I define empowerment as the ability to provide purpose, motivation, and direction to peers and employees while maintaining a positive work climate. In saying this, the leader in question must be able to empower employees to the extent that these employees take ownership of the task and require little to no supervision. Leader's ability to empower employees is essential to producing a high level of productivity in accomplishing the organizations objectives.

According to Stephen Covey ...

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