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Message Strategy & Media Plan

Complete a Message Strategy & Media Plan

Provide a summary statement of your message strategy that includes the following:

The message execution
The purpose of your IMC message
A description of the target audience
A description of the message personality or tone

Describe how the creative process supports the transition from the message strategy summary to the delivery of creative concepts. Include the following:

Rationale for how you arrived at the description of the message personality
Tools, such as brainstorming, lateral thinking, insight, and so forth, that you employed to achieve your IMC objectives

Create a one-year media plan matrix that proposes your most effective mix of media channels selected. Include the following:

A chronological schedule for implementation
A budget requirement to support the plan

Describe why the delivery of your message will be more effective than other approaches.

about 600 words, 4 references and table

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Please find the complete guidelines and ideas for IMC Plan in the attached Word file.

The Message Strategy
Message strategy is a process of determining persuasive appeal that is most appropriate with the target audience. Key points those should be covered in the message strategy are as follow:
Execution of IMC message: To execute the message, the message strategy plays an important role. Message should have unique promises to attract the prospect target audience (Anderson & Vincze, 2006). For an effective message execution, most appropriate media like online, broadcast and print media will be selected that will cover the target audience. These media channels have different tools like TV, radio, newspaper, internet etc. All these tools will be used in a critical manner to ensure the execution of right message at right time to right people in right manner.
Purpose of IMC Message: The purpose of the message is to achieve IMC objectives. IMC message will be focused to increase customer base. It will persuade the target audience to purchase the products and services (Anderson & Vincze, 2006). Rationale appeal will be used to attain the objective of this message. This message will target the buying needs of the target audiences.
Description of Target Audience: Effectiveness of IMC program is based on the target audience to whom message will be transmitted. IMC message will be focused on specific ...

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