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    Describe a product or service and develop a media plan

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    Select a product or service with which you are familiar and a marketing situation for that product or service.

    Write a paper in which you:

    1. Describe the product/service and marketing situation.

    2. Select at least three (3) different media to use and explain why you think this combination would be effective for the target market and product.

    3. Develop a media plan schedule to leverage the media types you identified.

    4. Explain the rationale for your schedule with a focus on reach and frequency.

    **citations and references must follow APA

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    Product Selection and the Marketing Situation

    The selected product is the Coca Cola drink. This is one of the products of the world's leading manufacturing company in the beverage industry-the Coca Cola Company. The product is globally distributed to more than 200countries. The product has fundamental strengths in the marketing and innovation of the drink to reach the diverse market. The marketing strategy that has been adopted by the company has led to an effective and efficient company system that has excellent marketing skills. The mission statement of the Coca Cola Company is the guiding principle to the Coca Cola drink which states- to benefit and to refresh everyone who is touched by our business (Coca Cola, 2011).

    The marketing strategy that has been selected by the company is elaborate to be inclusive of the diverse global target market. This enabled the company to have great product placement in the market giving service to the esteemed customers of the company. The marketing of the Coca Cola product includes the situational analysis of the product in the target market environment. Since the company is in the post-maturity stage, aggressive marketing techniques have been deployed to increase the sales levels of the drink. Through these strategies, the Coca Cola Company has become the most recognized trade market in the globe. The expansion into other markets has been attained through the marketing strategies that have been utilized. The general target market of the Coca Cola drink is the strong based consumer segment that are supplied with their favorite drink (Our Strategy, 2011).

    Three Media to Use in the Marketing of the Product

    The marketing of the ...

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    The expert describes a product or service and develops a media plan. A media plan schedule to leverage the media types are developed.