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Sales promotion and Advertising plan for Debt Consolidation

Develop an initial sales promotion schedule and create an advertising plan for a new product, debt consolidation.

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//Before writing about the sales promotional and advertising plan, we have to discuss about the product or service and its nature. We should know what kind of characteristics the product has and what kind of needs it fulfill. We should know it under the heading of the product name, which is Debt Consolidation, for example: //

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation involves taking out a loan to pay off the other loans. It is often done to get a lower and fixed interest rate. It is the service provided by the company to overcome the financial burden and improve the credit rating. The companies who provide the service of debt consolidation can discount the amount of the loan. Debt consolidation is the product for the company or the financial institution and service for the customer (Debt Consolidation Loans, 2005).

Above, we have discussed about the product and its feature. Now as per the instructions, we have to explain the plan of sales promotion. Instead of explaining the sale promotional plan for the product, I am just giving an overview of general sale promotional plan and its process. This will help you to develop a plan for debt consolidation, for example: //

Sales Promotional plan for the service

A sales promotion plan covers all phases of communication between the seller and the potential customers (Creating a Winning Promotional Plan, 2001). It addresses advertising, sales tactics and the other promotional activities like catalogues, brochures, etc. The sales promotion plan of the debt consolidation service is:

1. Discounts to the customers:

For the promotion of the sales, it is important that the company or financial institutions provide the debt to the customer on less interest rate, so the customer are attracted towards the services. The company can provide discount on interest rate if the customer is qualifying the needs of the financial institution or the company. ...

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