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Marketing: Develop a promotion for 'Coach' women clothing

Develop an initial sales promotion schedule for "Coach" women clothing line.

Create an advertising plan for this clothing line.

Identify public relations opportunities for "Coach" clothing line.

here is the company's website www.coach.com

Please do not plagiarize, try not to be repetitive. If you use any references (internet articles only), please provide websites that I can access the articles.

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//Before writing about the different 'promotional strategies' of the Company, we will write about the business environment and overview of the Company. It will be helpful in understanding the product offerings of the corporation. Then, we will talk about the initial sales promotion schedule for 'Coach', Women's' clothing line with well- defined objectives to be achieved.//

The company 'Coach' was established in 1941. Presently, the company is providing the products with distinct categories and styles, which are required for modern lifestyles. Today, Coach is one of the leading American companies, which markets luxurious and modern accessories for both the men and women. Its product line includes handbags, wrist watches, foot wears, gloves, jewelry and other related products (Coach Leatherware, 2008).

Sales promotion schedule is a form of attracting the consumers by offering them various benefits in the form of incentives or by adding value to the products (Kotler, 2002). The company Coach sells its products through different distribution methods like coach catalogs, coach factory stores, departmental stores, and coach.com. Regarding its sales promotion, the company provides sales promotion activities during festival times. In these ...

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