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    Marketing Plan Project

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    I need helped in developing a marketing plan. The Marketing Plan will consist of the following components:
    • Introduction of your Product or Service Proposal
    • Situational Assessment and Analysis (including information about the industry your product or service will be introduced in, your competition and a SWOT analysis
    • Marketing Strategy (3 to 5 year strategic plan)
    • Proposed Cash Flow analysis (this of course is based on how you think your product or service will perform
    • Proposed Implementation Plan
    • Controls (How will you measure the success of your product or service when you report back to management)

    I was thinking of this outline
    Page # 1: Executive Overview
    Page # 2: Company Overview, Objectives and Goals
    Page # 3: Situation Analysis
    Pages # 4-5: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Analysis
    Pages # 6-7: Market / Product / Customer Analysis
    Page # 8: Marketing Strategy
    Page # 9: Financial Projections
    Page # 10 Implementation Plan
    Page # 11: Evaluation and Control Metrics
    Page # 12 + Appendix (References, other information that might be of benefit)

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    //A marketing plan helps an entrepreneur gain some insight on the market which he has chosen to enter. It includes essential information and data of the various companies and brands operating in the industry which helps in determining the right path to start from. In this context, the proposed business venture for the clothing retail store follows the path of marketing plan, covering all the essential steps.//

    Executive Summary
    This is a marketing plan for a business in the service sector. The plan is for a retail clothing store which is proposed to be founded in Montana, USA. The founders of the business are professionals from the industry possess a degree in marketing and hold a significant experience in the clothing industry. The plan includes the key insights and all the essential information required to go for a business venture. Initial section includes the information about the company which is followed by the industry analysis. The industry analysis includes the trends in the industry in the context of business environment. The section of SWOT analysis identifies the Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats lying in front of the company. This is followed by the market segment to be targeted, the marketing strategy to reach to the targeted customers and information on the cash flow. Overall, the plan has some meaningful insights for a start up retail clothing store.

    Company overview
    The proposed business plan is a service proposal in the retail clothing industry. The plan is about a branded retail clothing store. The founders of the business are professionals having significant industry experience. Patrick has been working for long as a senior sales manager in a reputed clothing brand while Joy has been handling store operations at a branded apparel store. Both the founders have been friends for long, and had an idea much earlier to start their own venture. Their newly proposed venture has been planned to be located at Montana as they have worked in that region and are confident to find their target customers there. The proposed marketing plan is about a line of clothing, which has a universal appeal to outdoor enthusiasts (Sadlar, 2005).

    Mission and Goals of Willesden
    Willesden aims to be among the leading marketers of casual clothing for the customers who are eager for outing. The store wants its customers to be encouraged to have much more outdoor experiences with casual clothing and enjoy with their family and friends. The goals of the store are:

    To become a leading brand among all the retail stores in Montana region.
    To develop a chain of retail stores to serve customers from other locations.
    To develop the store's own website to offer both online and offline shopping experiences to the customers and accept their reviews.

    //After gaining an insight about the company, the next section talks about the segmenting, targeting and positioning strategy. This is followed by a situation analysis. A situation analysis is essential to look for the environment and the basic information of the market which a company should have before moving ahead. //

    Situation Analysis
    As Willesden is a new entrant in the branded ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2176 words with references.