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Market selection, recommended market entry strategies for th

I am currently undertaking an individual project report based on the UK activity-based cothing company called "Fat Face". It is the life-style oriented company which sells the mixture of high street and activity-based product lines. I need to choose a country to enter as Fat Face tries to enter international market. My report should contain the justification for market selection, recommended market entry strategies for the chosen country and recommended marketing plan and proposals for the international marketing mix. The list of countries i have given are Australia, Canada, South Africa and Pakistan. I have chosen Canada for my project. The problems i am currently having are around marketing plan and proposals. Although i have looked at the sample of marketing plan, i am still not sure how to conduct it.
My lecturer also mentioned the importance of the use of theories. But i don't know how to integrate them in my marketing plan. Also the word limit is only 6000 words maximum, but i have no idea how to narrow down the justification of market selection. In this section, do i have to explain the characteristics of all 4 countries or just examine Canada. And which factors do i have to examine in this section?
Macro analysis such as demographics, economic and political environment? and specific industrial environment?? I am so confused.. Can you help me clarify it please?

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You need to examine in detail the characteristics of Canada only. There is no need to go in detail about other countries. However, to justify your choice, you can clearly put forth strong points in favor of Canada as compared to other choices. You can put forth arguments such as market size, demographics and industry growth as few factors for chosing Canada. You can also point out few negatives such as ...

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You need to examine in detail the characteristics of Canada only.