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    BRIC Market Entry Strategy

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    Luthans and Doh (2012) discuss entry strategies and ownership structures. As an international manager, which entry strategy would you use for a consumer product organization? For context, select one of the BRIC countries.

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    BRIC (The Big Four)
    British economist Terrence James O'Neill, popularly known as Jim O'Neill, created the term BRIC in around 2001. Jim identified four countries that are in similar stages of economic development. The countries are Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The alternative name given to these for countries combined is known as The Big Four. They are considered the big four because the prediction is that these four countries possess the potential of becoming the richest in the world due to their rapidly advancing economic development. The good news for international businesses, there is potential opportunities for market entry within the BRIC.

    BRIC (Entry Strategy)
    There are many ways for a company to enter foreign markets. Since organizations have differentiated goals and objectives no entry strategy is necessarily ...

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