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    Solar Water Filter Maker

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    1. Suppose you work as a consultant firm for an owner of a medium-sized firm manufacturing solar water filters. How would you advise him on what to look first if he has the intention to enter to BRIC countries?

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    if I were a consultant firm for an owners of a medium sized firm manufacturing solar water filters, there are several factors he should look at if he has the intention to enter the BRIC countries. First, he should focus on regions located between latitude 15 degrees North and 35 degrees North and also between 15 degrees South and 35 degrees South. These regions have high levels of solar radiation with limited cloud cover and rainfall, and with over 90% of sunlight reaching the earth's surface as direct radiation. The second most favorable region is between 15 degrees North and 15 degrees south. These regions have high levesl of scattered radiation with 2500 ...

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    This solution explains market evaluation before a solar water filter maker enters BRIC countries. The sources used are also included in the solution.