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    This post addresses the major energy tax credits.

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    Three major energy credits are available to taxpayers in 2010. Research and discuss these credits. Why were these enacted? Are the credits refundable?

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    1. The energy-efficient vehicles credit (also called the hybrid tax credit).
    2. The tax credit for energy-efficient home improvements.
    3. The solar, wind, and geothermal property credit.

    1. This credit is for people who purchase a new hybrid vehicle for business or personal use purposes. The credit for 2010 was based on the fuel economy of the vehicle and a scale that related to weight class. A few models hit phaseouts, which means that so many of a certain model's hybrid was sold that the ...

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    The solution provides an extensive discussion regarding the three major energy credits that are available to taxpayers, including why the credits were enacted and if each credit is a refundable tax credit.