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    Solar Water Heater

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    The average home has a 200 liter (50-60 gallon) hot-water tank, which is effectively drained and replenished three times per day. Assume that the entering tap water is 16 degrees C and is heated to 56 degrees C. Given an average energy from sunlight of 1.53 kJ/cm^2 per day, how large would the collection area (in m^2) of a solar water heater need to be if its efficiency is 29%? Assume that the price of a solar collector is $370/m^2. How much would it cost to install this hot water system?

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    Physical characteristics of water:
    Density = 1 kg/L
    Specific heat = 4,190 J/(kg C)

    The total volume of water that needs to be heated is 3 * 200 L = 600 L per ...

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    This solution looks at the size required and the cost of a solar heater. This heater is used to provide hot water to an average home.