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BRIC Countries and Global Strategies

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1) BRIC Down?
In this article regarding the BRIC countries it states that the economic growth of the BRIC countries is slowing. Brazil, Russia and India's money have weakened the most and China's yuan has declined the most since 1994 when it was devalued by authorities. Brazil has become an "economic powerhouse" but its economy isn't growing. Russia too is feeling economic pain with oil exports at an 18-month low. China's housing market has also slowed. It is being found that these emerging markets are dependent on exports and with Europe and US struggling; many investors fear that the BRIC countries are too risky. It appears as if the BRIC countries are slowly declining and their run together may be coming to an end. It is unknown what the countries will do at that time. Currently, the government is trying to convince citizens to spend more.
Since we've been working on our BRIC papers, I thought this was a good article to work from. It seems as if BRIC countries have been held as the "next best thing" for quite some time but may be losing that title shortly.


2) Krispy Kreme Considers Global Strategy
Krispy Kreme has hired Donald Henshall to helm the global expansion of the US based doughnut company. While expanding further across the globe overseas is not out of the question, the strategy thus far is to continue its reach across the United States and practically jump the border to its neighbour to the north. His global sights are first set on Canada where they will open 32 stores over a six year period. Favored by investors since its IPO in April, the company was able to post positive financial results despite a turbulent year for the market at large.


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BRIC countries are a real problem, and it all roots back to general economic conditions. Because the U.S. is the largest market (or one of the top two largest), the economic conditions in the U.S. are going to have an effect on every world market, including the markets in the BRIC countries. The article brings up an interesting point - people need to spend more in those countries in order to help alleviate the current economic effects being experienced. The ...

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