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Management Information Systems - Electronic Commerce

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Review the sample business plans, [link in the left-hand menu] and select any firm that does not have an existing or proposed Web presence (Examine the "products/services" section of the relevant plan to determine this).
Complete the following steps for your selected company:
1. Identify the industry type and propose an EC model for the firm. Base your selection on the specific models addressed in the text, recommended web site links, and an evaluation of the firm's core business and its applicability to Internet-based commerce.
2. Briefly explain how EC will affect the scope, market, and market potential of the business.
3. Identify Web advertising methods and strategies to support your approach.
4. Identify any product/service modifications or opportunities that may improve the firm's market share, sales, or any other market measurement.
5. Identify a set [3-4] of critical success factors that will determine the success of your selected firm's EC effort in its specific segment.

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2 word documents identify the industry type, explains how EC affects scope, web advertising, product/service modifications/opportunities and critical success factors for a linked business.

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