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Forms of e-commerce

Name and describe various categories of e-commerce.
Compare and contrast electronic payment systems.
Which type do you use most often?
Which type is most applicable for organizations you interact with regularly?
Explain how Internet technology supports business-to-business e-commerce.

response is about 200+ words

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1. Name and describe various categories of e-commerce:

a) Business to Business: This would include transactions that occur, through the internet, from one business to another.

b) Business to consumer: This form of e-commerce is when a business sells a product to a consumer for their purchase, through the use of the internet.

c) Consumer to consumer: This form of e-commerce is also conducted through the internet. An example of this would be ebay. One individual sells their items on the internet for another consumer to purchase.

d) Consumer to Business: This is the one that I am ...

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