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Vital electronic commerce links

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1. The Internet, intranets, and extranets provide vital electronic commerce links between the components of a business and its customers, suppliers, and other business partners. This allows companies to engage in three basic catories of electronic commerce applications. What are the categories? Explain them.

2. The type of information required by decision-makers in a company is directly related to the level of management decision-making and the amount of structure in the decision situations they face. The levels of managerial decision-making that must be supported by information technology in a successful organization are? Explain.

3. People and processes are a major focus of organizational change management. Change management includes activities such as what? Explain.

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Vital electronic commerce links are examined. The type of information required by decision-makers in a company is determined.

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In defining the SDLC as the software development life cycle for imposing a strategy for IT planning process for implementation of software systematically. Keep in mind the main 5 components steps relate towards:

- Preliminary investigation
The gathering of data in accessing the designed framework that produces the end results for producing effective products within the targeted marketplace.

- Feasibility study
Comparing the data accessed with study analysis that deciphering challenges and success that will in return provides a proactive blueprint for effective design, marketing, and increasing brand identity.

- Analysis
The strategy is on observing trends that produces results in adapting any set plan of development of operations that delivers set goals. Thus, the analysis allows the SDLC to operating on a level of efficiency for ensuring plan market entry is on schedule and within estimated costs.

- Design
The framework design for operating proficiently in a deciphering system flow for ensuring the product meets targeted goals, such as, performance, speed, and capability.

- Coding
The structuring framework is to produce commands at the direction of the user ...

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