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    Concepts of intermediation, disintermediation

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    President Learner wants your assurance that the e-business acquisition will reduce administrative costs associated with traditional brick-and-mortar health care providers while also improving customer relationships. You are to compose a memo that briefs Max on the capacity of e-commerce networks and e-business models to reduce administrative expenses.

    The memo should be 450-600 words and should include applying the strategic digital marketing channels continuum of the following:

    Intermediation: The e-business's information accessed through a brick-and-mortar medical health care or education provider
    Disintermediation: The e-business's health care information and services accessed directly, often substituting or bypassing traditional medical service providers
    Reintermediation: The e-business's health care information and services delivered by utilizing third-party online services for medical treatment advice, customer/user data analysis, registration and sponsorship payment processing, or information security protection

    Reintermediation may also include the e-business's marketing channels strategies that combine online click-and-order information access with on-ground brick-and-mortar service delivery.
    Support your assertions with links to online Web sites or services that have implemented the types of digital marketing strategy approaches referenced in your report.

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    It is essential for organizations, large or small, to understand ecommerce from a broad perspective, to learn the basics of underlying technology, to assess the impact of the technology on business processes, to foresee how the Internet may shape the course of the future in our everyday life and business word, and to fully enjoy the benefits of electronic ecommerce in their business practices.

    Definition and Concept of Electronic Commerce
    "Electronic commerce is narrowly defined as buying and selling products/services over the Internet. The concept has been broadened to include all business activities of a sales cycle. The distinction between Ecommerce and E-business has become blurred. Ecommerce and Electronic Commerce has been used interchangeably, Electronic Business, however, has not been a widely accepted terminology. "1
    The literature on electronic commerce and electronic marketplaces has long recognized the importance of intermediaries and the functions they serve. The Internet is most ...