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    Define intermediation, disintermediation, and reintermediation

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    President Learner must provide justification for a planned closure of several on-campus physical buildings when sufficient healthcare education programs transfer to Cyber-Health's online learning platform.

    You are to compose a brief report on the capacity of Cyber-Health's e-business model and med-teach agent technology to reduce the need for physical classroom facilities, human instructors, and related administrative cost savings. The report should also comment on the capacity of Cyber-Health's online platform and med-teach agent technology to enabling more autonomous student/instructor interaction. Your report should rely on the rationale of the strategic digital marketing channels continuum of the following:

    intermediation (e.g., traditional Med Ed learning accessed through a brick-and-mortar medical education facilities
    disintermediation (e.g., Cyber-Health healthcare learning accessed directly often substituting or bypassing traditional medical education providers)
    reintermediation (e.g., Cyber-Health healthcare learning delivered by utilizing third-party online services for virtual medical labs, medical practice data analysis, course registration and payment processing, or information security protection)
    Reintermediation may also include Cyber-Health's e-marketing strategies that combine online click-and-order information access with Med Ed's on-campus brick-and-mortar service delivery.
    Support your assertions with links to websites or online services that have implemented the types of digital marketing strategy approaches referenced in your report.

    Bascially I think that I need to explain the concepts of intermediation, disintermediation, and reintermediation?

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    // This paper discusses the marketing methods that are used in the digital age. We have been provided with an E-business model of Cyber-health and we will develop an understanding of the strategic digital marketing channels by discussing the concepts of intermediation, disintermediation and re-intermediation.//

    E-marketing is an interesting field of study and the E-business models are increasingly being used in today's times. Many opportunities are being provided by the digital environment for the purpose of reducing costs and helping the management in the effective performance of the business. Among the components of marketing mix, distribution is considered as really important as it lends a competitive edge. Distribution models now-a-days, are changing with the introduction of concepts such as intermediation, disintermediation and re-intermediation. We begin with the explanation of intermediation (Schmitz, n. d.).

    We need to understand the meaning of intermediaries, ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 610 words with references.