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Planning e-Commerce Initiatives

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Research three recent articles about planning electronic commerce initiatives.

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This solution of 658 words provides summaries of three articles about planning electronic commerce initiatives. References used are included.

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Planning Ecommerce initiatives can yield varied results. According to Luterback, Rodriguez and Love (2012) "Results from a small field study inform the development project. Four high school students in an eCommerce course completed the standalone tutorial developed to teach them how to create a web page in the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). The four participants were also interviewed in an attempt to determine what motivates them to learn. Researcher observations of completed web pages indicated that the tutorial helped the four participants learn introductory HTML tags and, except for one revealing instance, they mastered the content without instructor assistance. Future work to develop an automated system for determining and correcting learner misconceptions evident in dysfunctional hyperlinks would provide additional support to learners". The authors planned ecommerce design and implementation as methods to secure effective instruction.

Other researchers in the field of planning for ecommerce initiatives studied how planning strategies can increase the bottom line of some businesses. Kline, J., & Barlow, D. ...

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