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B2B e-commerce strategy and implementation

"BHP Billiton - Steel Division: B2B e-commerce strategy and implementation", a case study written by Caroline Chan (Reading 1).

Discuss the following questions in light of the issues raised and conceptual frameworks developed during the first four topics of the unit.

a) What is unique about BHP Billiton's situation to make this an interesting case to explore?
b) How well was the series of e-innovations at BHP Billiton managed? Could it have been accelerated, done more effectively, better planned and executed?
c) Did the evolution of BHP's e-initiatives need to take so long? Could it have moved more quickly, more intensively, and would benefits have improved?
d) Consider the change from early EDI to the latest trading capability and evaluate the change in strategy development/ implementation that has occurred [or you expect to occur in the future] as a result of these technological developments.

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This solution discusses issues raised and conceptual frameworks regarding e-commerce strategy and implementation.