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    B2B and B2C technologies and applications

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    The purpose of every e-business is to utilize technology in a way that enhances communication and the company's profitability. Business-to-business (B2B) use of technology would enhance efficiency within the company's supply chain, while business-to-consumer (B2C), also known as e-commerce, technologies would facilitate a transaction between a company and it's consumers.

    In your posting, describe several B2B technologies and applications, as well as describe several applications or ways B2C can use technology that Grandma's Treats could utilize as part of an e-business strategy. Search the Library and provide at least two research citations that illustrate examples of companies that are utilizing e-business strategies (e.g., B2B, B2C), and discuss how Grandma's Treats could benefit from employing similar strategies.

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    // Use of Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) technology has helped to enhance the transactions between a company and it's consumers as well as clients. Before exploring the role of these technologies in the Grandma's Treats we have to give a brief description of b2b and b2c technlogies. //


    E-business and e-commerce are the two basic elements of the global market place to be adopted by the business organizations for their survival in the competitive market place. With the assistance of these business strategies, business organizations are strategically positioning themselves for capturing the opportunities present in the global market. E-business market strategy involves two strategies which are business-to-business strategy and business-to-consumer strategy. There are several business-to-business technologies and they have different applications in different situations (E-Business and E-Commerce, 2008).

    // After providing a breif introduction of these technologies we'll now proceed to the second part of the instructions. Now we would now discuss few of the business to-business models//

    Business-to-business model enables the manufacturer to deal with its distributors online. This model has reduced the time and cost that used to be incurred in communication and supplying the products. Some of the techniques of business-to-business model are as follows:

    Data oriented B2B technique: This type of B2B technique involves the integration of techniques and technology for obtaining information from one database and implement it to another database. It assists the business organizations in gaining cost advantage.

    Application interface oriented B2B technique: Such kind of interfaces assists the business organizations in collecting a number of applications and assists them in ...

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