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    Multi media technology

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    How can multimedia technology be used to enhance the business relationship with B2C and B2B customers? What are the challenges in using multimedia technology? Can video game technology be used to meet this challenge?

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    Multimedia Technology

    Multimedia technology can be defined as the amalgamation of different kinds of digital media technologies such as -audio data, video information, text, digital media images, graphics, etc. This technology plays an essential role to enhance the relationships of the customers and business enterprises, especially in applications of E-business. With the help of multimedia technologies, E-business firms (B2B and B2C) provide supplementary and extraordinary services to retain the customers for a long time period (Kamel. 2005).

    In order to augment the user interface, companies use websites and portals to advertise the products with extraordinary features like video ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 362 Words, APA References