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How Changing Technology is Shaping Business

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Just like many other areas of business, organizational change has been impacted by technology.

1. How has the need for organizational change consulting been impacted by technology?

2. How has the process of organizational change been impacted by technology?

3. Do you see these changes as positive or negative? Explain.

4. What specific types of software are used during the organizational-change process?

5. Predict how technology will continue to shape the area of organizational change management.

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1. How has the need for organizational change consulting been impacted by technology?

Organizational change has moved forward through the use of technology. Consultants now have to understand the needs for change and the planning and implementation processes for change, but also be aware of the different technologies that can be used or are needed to make change. Technology such as software programs that assist in changes, make it easier to address the new methods and process and cope with change can be both useful and necessary. However, the ability to use the technology means training and reorienting a business to use it. Social media is an example. People use social media, but to use it for business is completely different with a different focus. Communication methods change and so do the implementations of marketing plans and ...

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How changing technology is shaping business is determined. The specific types of software used during the organizational-change process is provided.

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