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Media research, rating systems, IMC campaigns, traditional media

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1. Discuss various rating systems and media research useful for an IMC campaign.

2. Compare and contrast IMC campaigns for similar products...choose a product line and compare the campaigns. What was the most effective part of the campaign...the least effective and why?

3. Compare traditional media outlets (magazine, newspapers, etc.) to new outlets (YouTube, MySpace, SecondLife, Video games, Podcasts, blogs, cell phones, etc). How has this changed over the past five years? What changes might there be over the next five years?

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Today, many companies are going for the concept of IMC campaign (Gabrielsson & Daniel, 2002). There are many factors that lead the companies to use integrated marketing communication (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). Presently, due to the changes in the technology, the media research and rating system has been changed to create an effective IMC campaign (Belch, 1998). IMC campaign is the combination of various communication activities (Gabrielsson & Daniel, 2002).

The effectiveness of marketing campaign is evaluated through the degree of sending message to the receiver and the feedback of the receiver toward the company's services (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). As the world has become global the IMC campaign should be reachable to all the target customers without any delay (Kotler, 2002). The most effective IMC campaign should be based on internet technology (Gabrielsson & Daniel, 2002). This campaign would be able to communicate the message of the company for their products and services in all over the world. Some other media resources are print media, video, television, podcast, blogs, cell phone, picture messages, etc. (Kotler, 2002).

The ICM campaign introduced by LG for its mobile phone is completely based on the latest media technologies and strategies. This campaign shows more than 1000 motion picture screen to the consumers to attract them towards their products. In this picture they try to explain all the features of their product in an effective and easy manner (LG Launches Integrated Marketing and Advertising Campaign, ...

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This solution discusses various questions regarding media research.

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