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    B2B to B2C E-Commerce

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    Help with a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which you describe the B2B and B2C E-Commerce business models. In your paper be sure to address the following:

    1)Provide two examples of businesses today that utilize each type of model (two of B2B and two B2C).

    2)Include the advantages and disadvantages of B2B and B2C E-Commerce.

    3)Determine what business considerations should be addressed by a major consumer's products supplier if and when they decide to shift from a B2B to B2C e-commerce business model.

    4)Describe what products would lend themselves to this change. Why do the products lend themselves to this change? Give examples of products that have done this (e.g.: Dell Computer).

    5)Describe the affects consumer demand would have on the supplier?

    2-3 references needed

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    //Before writing about the Examples of the Organizations operating through E-business, it is essential to know about the main concept of 'E-business'. One should know about the functions of the Organization using E-business mode in their operation, which further will assist in analyzing them in an effective manner.//


    E-business marketing is the transmission of commerce by utilizing the system of telecommunication. The extensive use of Internet in the business practices has increased the competency of the companies to operate their business at more accurate and precise speed. These kinds of business practices assist the companies to provide more customized services to their key customers. E-business plays a significant role in increasing their sales by getting access over the people across the global network. Most of the companies have implemented these websites within their business to provide more accurate information and promote their products and services. Marketing through e-business techniques includes the use of electronic resources, which is used to serve the purpose of different companies.

    B2B: This is an inter-enterprise method in which the companies use to sell their products and services to other companies by using the Internet. The marketing is customer based, which is used in this kind of business model. Through this practice, it is easier for the companies to meet the various needs of the end users.

    B2C: This is the mediator portal, which is conducted between the customer and supplier. These assist the business organization in developing connections with their key customers and keep them informed about the new products and services. There are some key portals of B2C, like e-bay and ZDNet (E-Business and E-Commerce).

    //Above is the discussion of main concepts of E-business. Moving to the next segment of instructions, explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of B2B and B2C business transactions, considerations and products is to be discussed.//

    Examples of the organizations

    In present scenario, it is necessary for the organizations to implement these concepts of business transactions. Amazon.com and Dell Inc uses B2C model in their business transactions (Amazon is able to leverage the Internet to significantly beat its competitors' prices). Amazon.com and Wal-Mart are the companies that uses B2B model in their business transactions (Business-to-Business E-Commerce Basics, ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1469 words with references.