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B2C and B2B Websites: Supply Chain Analysis

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Task: Navigate through the Dell Computer website as a consumer making purchases. Make a detailed list of the supply chain involved in the B2C site and describe what was found. Navigate through the Dell Computer website as a buyer. Make a detailed list of the supply chain involved in the B2B site and describe what was found.

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In 660 words, this response addresses the concepts of B2B, B2C and supply chain analysis, as well as how all of these concepts are related to each other. A few references are also mentioned throughout this response.

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The first step is to define the terms supply chain, B2B and B2C, and then compare the supply chain characteristics in each business type.

The Internet has provided the opportunity for e-commerce for various consumers in turn creating a growth and decline in various industries. E-commerce is the goods and services purchased online, where e-business involves all transactions on the World Wide Web. Business to Business (B2B) websites and Business to Consumer (B2C) websites are not only part of e-commerce, but are part of e-business. B2B and B2C websites remove several geographic barriers of the marketplace. B2B revenue exceeds the B2C sites' revenue. Purchases in B2B sites and B2C are transmitted creating business supply chains. Supply chains of B2B and B2C have several differences that create variations in characteristics. Supply chains will be defined in terms of B2B sites and B2C sites.

Investorwords.com describes supply chain as the network of retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers that ...

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