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    Write a paper that explains how marketing differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site. Compare and contrast B2B and B2C sites with respect to how they use e-business to deal with marketing in different ways. Include examples from real web sites and use at least 2 references.

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    The marketing on B2C site is similar as well as different on quite a few counts as compared to B2C's marketing strategies. Let us first evaluate the strategies pursued by each of these categories of sites to popularize their presence on the web. Both B2C as well as B2B sites use search engine optimization tools to reach their respective target markets, be it a B2C site such as Amazon.com or gap.com or B2B sites such as alibaba.com

    Although the target customers of each of these types of sites are different, the SEO techniques deployed by these two sites overlap each other. Both types of sites want their rankings to be on the top on search engines such as Google, so that whenever a retail customer looking for clothes search on Google, Gap.com is among the first few search results and similarly, businesses looking for other businesses should always find alibaba.com among the first few search results.

    Therefore, the means to reach the masses is essentially the same for both the categories of websites. It is just that their target market differs.

    Now, let us focus on design and operational aspects to attract target customers. On the similarity front, both types of websites deploy highest quality security software, encryption tools and other security measures to provide utmost security for the transactions conducted over their website. Although the size of transactions on B2B size is much larger, it will be improper to state that the emphasis on security and privacy to attract customers and establish trust is ...

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    B2B & B2C: Compare marketing differences between B2B and B2C sites