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B2B and B2C Marketing Differences

Explain the differences between B2C and B2B Marketing with intext citations and references.

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When marketing B2B the focus is on the features of the product. The hard cold facts about the product and how it satisfies the requirements of the buyer organization is the main selling point. It is important that B2B buyers are given all the information about the product (a). The marketer has to focus on how the product can help the buying organization to reduce costs, operate faster, and use lower manpower. If the rationale is sound the product can be sold.

In contrast the B2C customer is interested in the benefits of the product. The objective is to affect the customer. Once his emotions are addressed he buys the product. The benefits must be made clear to the customer instantly. Rationale or information is not required. The customers must be told how the product benefits them directly and ...

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