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    Differences between the two e-business models

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    Explain how marketing differs on a biz to consumer site compared to a biz to biz site. What is a real world site that illustrates this? Can you, suggest improvement to that site's marketing tools? Also, in this analyisis what are the trends for biz to consumer and biz to biz marketing?

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    ? According to Management Centre Europe's website, "B2B marketing is the process by which your company builds and maintains strong and profitable relationships with business customers - by creating value for current and potential customers and then by ensuring a fair price from them in return." B2B companies cater to other organizations by offering products and services that directly benefits the company. Companies benefit from these products/services by increasing the efficiency, organization and profitability (sales and savings) of the company. Such products and services include software, office supplies, maintenance and consulting services.
    ? On the other hand, B2C sites allow companies and consumers (public) to interact and conduct business electronically or digitally. There are three main B2C models which include auctions, online stores and online services. Amazon.com, ebay.com and overstock.com are just some of the thousands (if not millions) of B2C sites in existence.

    Differences between the two e-business models:
    ? Advertising for consumer largely involves items or services the public's desire (want) and not necessarily need. On the other hand, advertising for businesses are for products or services companies already purchase on a routine basis. Companies purchase these products or services for what they deem would help the organization become "profitable, competitive and successful" (Bly, n.d.).
    ? Bly points out that most B2B customers are well-informed on the features of the products/services being offered; hence, marketing copywriters must conduct a comprehensive research to effectively market the product or service. Business customers are more inclined to respond to marketing materials that offer information. ...

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