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    Copyright and Patent Law; Differences in Business Models

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    1) How do copyright laws affect the creation of Web pages?
    2) Describe the impact of patent laws on e-business?
    3) List and describe the various types of auctions being used on online?
    4) Business models between e-businesses and traditional businesses vary. Describe some of the main differences you would see in a e-business vs. a traditional business model.

    List references.

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    1) How do copyright laws affect the creation of Web pages?

    If someone uses the whole or partial content (graphic, text or other media) of online or other copyrighted material in his/her web page without getting permission or giving credit to the owner he/she violates the copyright law. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was signed into law in 1998. Anything placed into a reproducible form, (written down, saved as a file, posted on a blog or scribbled on a napkin,) it becomes copyrighted information under this law. Besides owners or creators of the original content no longer need to put the copyright notice on a document for it to be covered. Currently intellectual property law and the Internet are very fuzzy for web masters, and it is going to be a few years before it becomes any more clear. When there is any doubt, it's always better to get written permission to use, copy or modify copyrighted works, and assume everything is copyrighted. Many websites include information about the procedures of using copyrighted material. However if a webmaster is still in doubt, he/she should consult an Intellectual Property Lawyer.

    2) Describe the impact of patent laws on ...

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    The differences in business models for copyright and patent laws are examined in the solution.