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Certification, copyright, patent and trademark rights violations

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1. Best Goods, Inc., and Great Products Corporation use the mark "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" to certify the quality of their products. Best and Great are not in business together and do not own this mark. The mark is
a. a certification mark.
b. a collective mark.
c. a service mark.
d. trade dress.

2. George owns Murphy's Grill, a restaurant in a small town in Ohio. Without George's consent, Food Business, Inc., opens a club in New York City called Murphy's and begins to use "murphys" as part of the URL for the club's Web site. Food Business has committed
a. copyright infringement.
b. patent infringement.
c. trademark dilution.
d. none of the above.

3. Blurb magazine buys and publishes an article by Mel. Later, Blurb markets a Web site database that contains a compilation of Blurb articles, including Mel's, without his consent. Blurb has committed
a. copyright infringement.
b. patent infringement.
c. trademark dilution.
d. none of the above.

4. Without authorization, Larry signs Courtney's name to the back of a check made out to Courtney. Fraudulently making or altering a writing in a way that changes the legal rights and liabilities of another is
a. embezzlement.
b. forgery.
c. larceny.
d. robbery.

5. Under the criminal provisions of RICO, an individual found guilty of a violation is subject to
a. a fine of up to $25,000 per violation.
b. imprisonment for up to twenty years.
c. both a and b.
d. none of the above.

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1. (A) Certification mark. A certification mark is defined as a symbol used to identify goods or services that meet certain criteria such as quality ratings or content levels. Typically, a system of rating is established by an independent organization, and the symbol is then licensed to approved manufacturers or service providers. Examples include: the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the, and the Real symbol used on dairy products.

2. ...

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