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    E-business & Intellectual Property

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    Locate an article specifically related to e-business and intellectual property to review. Your review should assess the different types of and legal protections for intellectual property. Be sure to analyze the legal issues of e-business to include intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and security. Be sure to properly cite and reference the article in your review, along with any additional sources that you use.

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    The article gives us a judgment of the US Court of Appeals related to an intellectual property case. The case had been filed by Hyperphrase Technologies that claimed that two processes for linking online records had been patented by it and Google in violation of the patent was using similar techniques for advertising methods (AdSense) and identifying relevant web addresses and information (AutoLink). Hyperphrase had claimed that Google had violated the patent of Hyperphrase, however, the US Court of Appeals held that Google had not violated any patent. This article points out that the business patents and its electronic use is a cause of legal disputes and e-business patent related disputes lead to complex litigation. The court has to study technical computer system and apply the intellectual property law to these cases. The article also points ...

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    This 532-word solution discusses an e-business article in detail, focusing on the types of and legal protections of intellectual property. 2 references included.