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    E-Business Week DQ 3

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    Discuss Intellectual property and its significance on the internet

    In your discussion, discuss how these relate to the internet and Intellectual property

    A. Copyrights
    B. Trademarks
    C. Patents
    D. Domain names
    E. International aspects of intellectual property
    F. Contracts

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    It is so easy to "steal" information on the internet - all you have to do is copy and paste information, and voila, you can claim it as yours. With billions of websites, it is very difficult for professors, managers, business developers or the like to know if the report a person submitted is authentic, or if it is ripped right off of the internet.

    Thankfully, there are several legal issues which can help to protect intellectual property. The first could be copyright- where is someone creates a document, and don't want people to steal it, they copyright it, which means that if someone wants to use this information, then they have to mention where they ...